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Spider’s Man: Darick Robertson, Artist and Co-Creator of Transmetropolitan

May 18, 2011

“Those that refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” says artist Darick Robertson, when asked about the longevity of Transmetropolitan, the politically-charged cyberpunk comic that he co-created with author Warren Ellis in the late 90s. “The humanistic themes Warren put beneath our sci-fi — rich versus poor, political corruption from the top down, and ‘truth shall set you free’ — are resonant.”

Transmetropolitan — and its tattooed protagonist Spider Jerusalem, along with his filthy assistants, and many other familiar faces from the series — returns later this month, about ten years after the original critically-acclaimed series ended, in the form of a one-off charity art book (for more about the book itself, read our interview with its general production manager Chunk Kelly). Darick, along with a whole host of artists, will be contributing new pieces.

“[These characters] never feel like they’re away from me,” he says. “I get requested to draw them so often and they live in my head, so it’s not that much of a reach. I do however, miss Warren Ellis’ scripts.”

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Return To The City: Chunk Kelly, General Production Manager Of The Transmetropolitan Art Book

February 14, 2011

There’s very little that can be said about Transmetropolitan, the political cyberpunk comic from the late 90s starring heavily inked outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem, that hasn’t already been said — and probably said better. The series, written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Darick Robertson, counts among its fans Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky, author Cory Doctorow and actor Patrick Stewart. It ended its run ten years ago, but is still gaining new followers, even today.

And now it’s back. “Susan [Auġér, Darick Robertson’s “webelf”] came to me with the idea,” says Pirate Press’ Chunk Kelly, the general production manager behind the Transmetropolitan art book, a charity project that brings back characters from the wildly popular series to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a group that protects the First Amendment rights of comics and its community, and the HERO Initiative, an organisation that helps comic book veterans through financial aid.

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Ben Templesmith: Gentleman Artist

September 7, 2010

Scenes From The Road 10: Phoenix Part 1

“I don’t mind at all if people put my work on their skin,” says Australian comic creator Ben Templesmith. “More power to them. It’s a great honour really. I get a lot of requests to do up specific art for tattoos now too — which I can’t really do unless we turn them into commissions and they sadly cost a bit of money to get me to do up, so people have to really want them!”

It’s easy to see why people would pay top dollar for an original Templesmith piece though. The New York Times best-selling and multiple award-winning artist and writer’s slickly textured work has meteorically gained in popularity since he created 30 Days of Night with Steve Niles, the hugely successful comic that was adapted into a film by Hard Candy’s David Slade in 2007.

“I’m one of those cynical types when it comes to Hollywood. I don’t expect, nor do I seek to have comics turned into film,” he admits. “If it happens, great. But I’m more interested in making books that people get enthused for.”

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