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Ben Templesmith: Gentleman Artist

September 7, 2010

Scenes From The Road 10: Phoenix Part 1

“I don’t mind at all if people put my work on their skin,” says Australian comic creator Ben Templesmith. “More power to them. It’s a great honour really. I get a lot of requests to do up specific art for tattoos now too — which I can’t really do unless we turn them into commissions and they sadly cost a bit of money to get me to do up, so people have to really want them!”

It’s easy to see why people would pay top dollar for an original Templesmith piece though. The New York Times best-selling and multiple award-winning artist and writer’s slickly textured work has meteorically gained in popularity since he created 30 Days of Night with Steve Niles, the hugely successful comic that was adapted into a film by Hard Candy’s David Slade in 2007.

“I’m one of those cynical types when it comes to Hollywood. I don’t expect, nor do I seek to have comics turned into film,” he admits. “If it happens, great. But I’m more interested in making books that people get enthused for.”

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Honestly Katie West

March 14, 2010


“Come for the breasts, stay for the heart!” That’s the tagline on Katie West’s blog. It’s more than just a clever line though; there’s also an abundance of truth to it.

The photographer, model, writer and college teacher from Toronto isn’t one to shy away from laying herself bare, both visually and emotionally. Since she’s started posting her work online, Katie’s become a beloved and respected artist precisely because of her stark honesty, whether it’s in her uncompromising blog entries and short stories or her vulnerable yet powerful self-portraits, many of them nudes.

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